The DIY Guide to Essential Oils

guide to essential oils

Whether you’re looking for essential oils for headache, essential oils for sore throat, diffusers for essential oils, or unique and useful essential oil cleaners, we’ve got you covered. Essential Oils are so fun to work with when it comes to making anything yourself! Whether it’s a craft project, a beauty project, or even an edible treat! In this essential oil guide you’ll learn all about the best essential oils and how to use them in all the DIY Projects!

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are defined as “a concentrated aroma compound from plants – the essence of a plant’s fragrance & the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived” (via wikipedia).

Essential Oils for Depression, Acne, Eczema, Congestion, Stress and More l Homemade Recipes

Essential oils are common in all sorts of remedies and used for different purposes.

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Health Benefits of Essential Oils

You can count on essential oils to help purify, cleanse, and heal in the most natural ways! Click here to read about common essential oils and their health benefits.

Guide to Best Essential Oils, Blends and Mixes l Homemade Recipes


DIY Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be added to a great deal of diy projects for added health benefits and delightful aromas with soothing or stimulating qualities. Click here to view our very long list of DIY Essential Oil Projects 


You Can Use Essential Oils in Food

You can use essential oils in recipes to add highly concentrated natural flavors with added health benefits. Essential oils are not the same as extract, they are procured differently and are much more potent. They contain all the health benefits of the plant in much higher quantities than an extract. However, extracts are still wonderful options to add to a recipe, they provide benefits (in a lesser quantity) and a pleasing smell and flavor.

Examples include:  Rosemary Hash Browns


You Can Use Essential Oils in Beauty Products

All the benefits will do wonders for your skin, they must be mixed with a carrier oil to carry the concentrated essential oil and help it absorb into the skin. Common carrier oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil. Then add the extract for the desired benefit.

Examples Include: DIY Lotion with Lavender extract 



Example 2: DIY Hand Cream with Bergamot Essential Oil (see #15)

bergamot essential oil


You Can Use Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth

Examples Include: 9 EOs For Healthy Hair Stimulation.

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You Can Use Essential Oils in Household Cleaners

Examples Include: 30 Homemade Household Product Hacks . . . 



You can use these oils in candles

Check out this tutorial: How to Make a Candle at Home

diy candle


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Are you a big fan of essential oils? Do you use them daily in your own skin care regimens or household tasks? Let us know in the comments below.


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