How to Make a Duct Tape Tool Belt

A duct tape toolbelt is a great project for DIY enthusiasts and also makes a great gift. This toolbelt is waterproof and spill proof, great for just about anyone. You can make them in the colors of your choice and add extra trim to accent, if you like. This project takes under an hour to make, and the finished product is super cool and practical.

duct tape tool bag















Tools and supplies you need to make a duct tape tool belt:

  • Exacto or Utility knife
  • Cutting mat or clean nonstick surface
  • Ruler
  • One or more rolls of Duct Tape in the color(s) of your choice


Step 1: Make duct tape sheets

Create two duct tape fabric sheets that measure 9 x 18 inches. Also create a belt strip that measures 15 inches longer than your waist. If you are going to use more than one color for your toolbelt, be sure to use an accent color for the belt. You need an additional 2 3: strips the same color as the belt strip. These will be the buckle.

I like to use a large mat with a grid that makes measuring easy, and I lay out the cut strips of duct tape before I make the duct tape fabric sheet.

This video we made shows you exactly how to make a duct tape sheet:

how to make a duct tape tool belt
Cut each duct tape pieces at 9 inches.
how to make a duct tape tool belt
You will need to cut 23 pieces of duct tape that are 9 inches long.
You will lay one piece sticky side up and place another, sticky side down, on top of the first
Sticks them together like this and fold one half over the other
This is what your finished sheet will look like, but you can make it in any color of your choice.


Step 2: Fold sheet, tape and make pocket

Take one of your sheets and fold it at 8 inches, back to the center of the sheet. Now, from the top of the part you folded over, fold another inch back over. Close the pocket with a piece of duct tape that is cut in half. Here, I am using green tape as an accent color, but you can choose the color of the pocket or any other color of you choice.

how to make a duct tape tool belt
Using the duct tape color of your choice, measure and cut a piece that is 9 inches long, then cut it in half.
how to make a duct tape tool belt
Fold and stick this duct tape on to make a pocket
Lay the piece along the edge like this to join


Step 3: Repeat for second pocket

Repeat this step with the other 9×18 piece to make a second pocket.

how to make a duct tape tool belt
Your completed pockets will look like this.


 Step 4: Tape pockets together

Lay the pockets side by side and tape them together, on front and on back. I am using the green accent color again, but you can choose your own. Reinforce the fold across the front with one long piece of tape.

Lay the two duct tape pockets side by side
Run a piece of tape along the center to join the two pockets


Step 5: Tape sides and back

Fold the remaining 3″ piece at the top of the toolbelt back so that it is folded in half. You should have 1 1.2″ folded over the back.

how to make a duct tape tool belt
Run another piece of duct tape along the edge of the pockets of your toolbelt, all the way across.
The finished pockets will look like this, but you can use the colors of your choice.


Step 6: Make belt for toolbelt

Take your two three inch strips, and wrap them around the belt strip, close to one end. You want them to have just enough room to allow the belt to go through.  Set them 1/2 inch apart. Secure them to the belt with a small strip of duct tape. Tuck the belt under the fold on your toolbelt abd secure it in place with one long piece of tape.

Make sure your duct tape belt is the right size


Step 7: Run the loops through and wear

Your belt is ready to wear. Run the belt through the two loops and back through one to secure it.

Your duct tape toolbelt is ready to wear